Share Structure

31 December 2018

   Ordinary Shares Average Exercise Price Expiration
Issued Shares 519,995,785
Treasury Shares _
Outstanding Shares 519,995,785
Shares not in Public Hands 431,028,123
Free Float 88,967,662
Deferred Shares 121,989,500
Restricted Share Options 31,900,000 £0.030 expire 2026/27
Total Restricted Share Options 31,900,000 £0.030
Total Fully Diluted Shares 551,895,785
    1. On 17 September 2015, each of the Company’s existing Ordinary shares were subdivided into one Ordinary Share of 1 pence and one Deferred Share of 4.7142865 pence. Consequently, other than the Ordinary Shares referenced in the above table, there are in issue 121,989,500 Deferred Shares. The rights of both the Ordinary and the Deferred Shares are as set out in the Articles of Association as amended 14 September 2015 found on the Corporate Association documents page of this website
    1. Outstanding Shares are calculated as Issued Shares less Treasury Shares for the purposes of calculating either voting shares or “outstanding shares”
    1. Restricted Share Options on issue do not have voting rights and therefore, are not included in voting shares on issue calculations
  1. Total Fully Diluted Shares are calculated as Issued Shares plus Total Restricted Share Options