Health, Safety & Environment

A primary goal of the Group is the protection of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). The Group strives to make its operations compatible with protecting people, property and the environment.

Ultimate responsibility for HSE within the Group resides with the Gulfsands Board but the Group’s HSE policy is implemented by the Managing Director. The Group’s HSE policy applies to the Group’s worldwide operations and, together with related procedures, are designed to ensure:

  • Personal responsibility is taken by all Group staff for the people and environment in their area of operation and for continuous improvements in HSE performance
  • Employees of the Group and those of operator partners and contractors are trained to appropriate standards
  • Development and maintenance of management systems to identify, assess, monitor, review and control HSE issues;
  • Clear HSE objectives and targets;
  • Mechanisms for communication with, and obtaining input from, employees, contractors, partners and associates;
  • Coordination of the HSE policies and the HSE management systems of contractors, with those of the Group, to provide a unified system to guide operations;
  • Compliance, as a minimum, with relevant HSE legislation, regulations and other requirements;

Please refer to the latest Annual Report and Accounts for further information.