Post Delisting Trading in Gulfsands Petroleum Plc Shares

Gulfsands Petroleum Plc (“Gulfsands”) shares may be bought and sold through an electronic trading platform administered by Asset Match

Buy and sell orders are handled by Asset Match’s nominated broker, The Share Centre. They can be contacted through their website or phone them on 01296 41 42 43.

Asset Match is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The Share Centre Limited is a member of the London Stock Exchange and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

If you have any queries regarding your shareholding or wish to advise any amendments, such as change of address, please contact our Registrars, Link Asset Services:

Coronavirus COVID-19

During this challenging time, extra pressure is being put on telephone services.

Therefore, to help those shareholders who need it the most, please can we encourage you to make use of the Link Asset Services online Share Portal.

To access your shareholding via the Share Portal click here*


 The Share Portal contains a help centre full of useful information and answers to frequently asked questions, which can be accessed without needing to login first.

To access and view specific information on your shareholding you will need to login first.  If you have forgotten your username or password then click on the forgotten username or password links.

New users will first need to register; you only need 3 pieces of information – your surname, postcode and investor code.  Your investor code is a unique number that you will have received on previous communications from Link, such as share certificates or dividend tax confirmations.

Once you are logged in you will be able to self-service with ease.

If you do need to call the helpline our agents will be available for you to speak to; it may just take a little longer to get through than normal.

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